Lasse Farnung Laursen

Software Engineer and Interaction designer


I like creating things, and have done so for the past +10 years. Here are some of the things I have created:
  • Planmixplay, a (bigger than iPad) multi-touch audio/video real-time performance interface used semi-weekly for an audience of ~100 retro enthusiasts.
  • PorkCAD a virtual pork product prototyper, utilizing a haptic feedback pen, designed in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute and Danish Crown.
  • A real-time 3D pose estimator and augmented reality train game.
  • A threaded SMS gateway with a rigid fail-safe structure to ensure no message ever goes undelivered, regardless of connectivity issues.
  • A time registration system used daily by management and over 200 employees to manage and record their daily tasks.


Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Crowd Sourcing & Human Computation, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Computer graphics & General Purpose GPU Programming, Music Technology, Game Design & Theory, Robotics

Professional Experience

Sentient Vision Systems, Melbourne, Australia
Software Engineer
November 2016 to present

  • Developing computer vision algorithms driven by detection and run-time metrics (soft real-time).
  • Completed Coursera Machine Learning course and disseminated knowledge for other collegues for future use.
  • Developing and testing prototype user interfaces for mission critical systems.
  • Client facing responsibilities, including producing external specifications documentation to ensure proper progress and outcome.
  • Conducted initial research to find and select most suitable company-wide software development unit-testing framework.

Self Employed, Hamburg, Germany
Software Engineer and Interaction designer
June 2015 to October 2016

Academic Support Special Staff
September 2014 to May 2015

Postdoctoral Fellow
August 2012 to August 2014

Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Ph.D Student
May 2009 to April 2012

Assistant Researcher
January 2009 to April 2009

CodeLab Aps, Copenhagen, Denmark
Part-Time IT. Consultant
November 2007 to November 2008

  • Co-designed threaded SMS gateway with a rigid fail-safe structure to ensure no message ever goes undelivered, regardless of connectivity issues. Retrieves and stores incoming/outgoing SMS messages in database.
  • Learned to love Java Servlets and Struts 2.

Metalogic A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Part-Time Software engineer
May 2006 to October 2007

  • Maintained and developed clickable .net widgets for web-based applications.
  • Designed and implemented a prototype time registration application.
  • Learned to love .net.

Part-Time Software engineer
November 2005 to April 2006

  • Re-designed and deployed the Copenhagen University natural sciences website.
  • Implemented in-house web-based tools used upper, mid, lower levels of management.
  • Learned to ... ASP 3.0

all by phone+net gmbh, Hamburg, Germany
Software developer and IT-Support
November 2001 to August 2002

  • Built time registration system used daily by management and over 200 employees to manage and record their daily tasks.
  • Developed multiple in-house tools to maintain and manage registration system, used by multiple team leads and middle managers.
  • Serviced and maintained linux webservers and prepared Oracle and MySQL scripts.

Connect IT, Hamburg, Germany
Administrator and IT-Technician
March 2001 to November 2001

  • Maintained and deployed LAN, and connected hardware.
  • Inspected, serviced, and prepared computer hardware for re-sale.


Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Ph.D., Dept. of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling
May 2009 to April 2012

  • Thesis Topic: Realistic Virtual Cuts
  • Supervisor: Professor Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll
  • Co-Supervisor: Lector Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
  • Area of Study: Computer Graphics (Volume Data Visualization & Texture Synthesis), Human-Computer Interaction (Haptic Feedback)

Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark
M.S., Department of Computer Science, DIKU
November 2008

  • Thesis Topic: Computer aided board gaming using computer vision
  • Adviser: Associate Professor Jon Sporring
  • Co-Supervisor: Lector Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
  • Area of Study: Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction
B.S., Department of Computer Science, DIKU
November 2005

  • Foundation of basic principles and concepts in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction.
  • Courses include: Algorithms and data-structures, functional programming, Object Oriented Programming, Mathematics and Computer calculations, Graphics, Databases, Computer Optimization, Computer Architecture and compilation, Distributed Systems, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, and Networking

Gymnasium Buckhorn, Hamburg, Germany
Abitur (Certificate for Overall Maturity for Higher Education)
Summer 2001

  • Majored in English and Physics

Earlier education completed at the following schools:

  • Secondary education at Hamburg International School, Germany.
  • Secondary education at Vienna International School, Austria.
  • Primary education at Österskärsskolan, Sweden.


  • Icon Set Selection via Human Computation
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Yuki Koyama, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Elena Garces, Diego Gutierrez, Richard Harper, Takeo Igarashi, in Pacific Graphics '16: The 24th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications,
    Local PDF | Published PDF
  • TapDrag: An Alternative Dragging Technique on Medium-Sized MultiTouch Displays Reducing Skin Irritation and Arm Fatigue
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Paulo Silva, Lintalo Suehiro, Takeo Igarashi, in Arxiv,
    Published PDF
  • A Multi-Touch DJ Interface with Remote Audience Feedback
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Masataka Goto, Takeo Igarashi, in ACM MM '14: The 22nd ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pp. 1225-1228
    Published PDF
  • PorkCAD: Case study of the design of a pork product prototyper
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, Takeo Igarashi, Michael Kai Petersen, Line Katrine Haarder Clemmensen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, Lars Bager Christensen, in IASDR '13: 5th International Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Research, pp. 1134-1
    Local PDF | Published PDF
  • Registration-based interpolation real-time volume visualization
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Hildur Ólafsdóttir, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, Michael Sass Hansen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, in SCCG '12: Proceedings of the 28th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 15-21
    Published PDF
  • Anisotropic 3D texture synthesis with application to volume rendering
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, in WSCG '11: Winter School of Computer Graphics 2011, pp. 49-57
    Local PDF | Published PDF
  • Improving texture optimization with application to visualizing meat products
    Line Clemmensen, Lasse Farnung Laursen, in Scandinavian Workshop on Imaging Food Quality 2011, pp. 81-86
    Local PDF | Published PDF
  • GazeTrain: A case study of an action oriented gaze-controlled game
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, in COGAIN '09: The 5th Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction, pp. 61-66
    Local PDF | Published PDF

Hardware & Software Skills

  • Programming
    • C++11, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, C, ASP, SQL, C#, MosML, Basic, Pascal, Prolog, .Net, and more.
  • Developer Software
    • IDEs : Microsoft Visual Studio Series, Visual Studio Code, PhpStorm, Eclipse, CodeBlocks, FlashDevelop
    • Graphics Design : Adobe Photoshop Family, Gimp
    • Subversioning : GIT, SVN, CVS
  • Frameworks and Engines
    • Cinder, Foundation, Laravel, Qt, Ogre3D, Source, Struts 2
  • Databases
    • MySQL, Oracle
  • Robotics
    • Completed Basic Robot Training Course
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows (95,98,2000,XP,7,Vista,8,10), Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu)














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