Honors & Publications



  • Icon Set Selection via Human Computation
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Yuki Koyama, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Elena Garces, Diego Gutierrez, Richard Harper, Takeo Igarashi, in Pacific Graphics ’16: The 24th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications,
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  • TapDrag: An Alternative Dragging Technique on Medium-Sized MultiTouch Displays Reducing Skin Irritation and Arm Fatigue
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Paulo Silva, Lintalo Suehiro, Takeo Igarashi, in Arxiv,
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  • A Multi-Touch DJ Interface with Remote Audience Feedback
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Masataka Goto, Takeo Igarashi, in ACM MM ’14: The 22nd ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pp. 1225-1228
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  • PorkCAD: Case study of the design of a pork product prototyper
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, Takeo Igarashi, Michael Kai Petersen, Line Katrine Haarder Clemmensen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, Lars Bager Christensen, in IASDR ’13: 5th International Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Research, pp. 1134-1
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  • Registration-based interpolation real-time volume visualization
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Hildur Ólafsdóttir, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, Michael Sass Hansen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, in SCCG ’12: Proceedings of the 28th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 15-21
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  • Anisotropic 3D texture synthesis with application to volume rendering
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, in WSCG ’11: Winter School of Computer Graphics 2011, pp. 49-57
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  • Improving texture optimization with application to visualizing meat products
    Line Clemmensen, Lasse Farnung Laursen, in Scandinavian Workshop on Imaging Food Quality 2011, pp. 81-86
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  • GazeTrain: A case study of an action oriented gaze-controlled game
    Lasse Farnung Laursen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, in COGAIN ’09: The 5th Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction, pp. 61-66
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