Hello, I’m Lasse! I grew up in Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and Germany. I later on migrated to Japan, then Australia, before re-locating back to Germany.

I am the creator of PlanMixPlay and a myriad of other projects, show-cased in the video on the right.

My first exposure to computers was the Commodore 64 back in the 80s, followed up with the Amiga 500 and 1200 series, before eventually moving on to PCs. Ever since this initial experience, technology has been a core fascination of mine. It fueled my passion during my decade in academia, and continues to captivate me in my professional ventures.

Topics of high interest to me include Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Generative Computer Graphics/Audio.

2016 Project Showreel.

This website show-cases my works in technology and on-going development blog.

For the detail-oriented, I suggest my Curriculum Vitae and if you prefer to see tech creations, check out my projects collection.